Have an idea for a startup? Get it started with ID8

The startup ecosystem in Eugene has been reaching a critical mass due to a number of developments in resources for entrepreneurs. Accelerators and incubators are popping up, state funds are supporting local efforts, and investors are taking notice.

One component of the startup life cycle that Fertilab Thinkubator is seeking to support with its new program, “ID8,” is the creation, evaluation, and growth of idea-stage startups. At the idea stage, a startup may only exist as an idea or dream in an entrepreneur’s mind. The best question an entrepreneur can ask at this time is, “will this work?”

ID8 will teach entrepreneurs to evaluate their startup idea, test its feasibility, and discover why their idea has a high likelihood of success. The program will involve a guest speaker seminar series, hands-on workshops, and mentorship from successful and experienced local entrepreneurs. For their efforts, enrollees will receive entrepreneurship resources, tools, and prizes from local sponsors like the Eugene Are Chamber of Commerce.

ID8 begins Nov 18th at 5pm at Fertilab Thinkubator. Anyone interested in enrolling their startup idea should contact David Youngentob at david@fertilabthinkubator.com.