The Eugene Regional Accelerator Introduces Expanded Programming and Engagement Opportunities to Lane County Residents

At the Eugene Regional Accelerator, we have a newly launched program that includes livestream Fireside Chats with Rain Eugene founders, skills training workshops, and targeted community networking opportunities. Designed specifically to engage and encourage local talent, business leaders and entrepreneurs, the Eugene Regional Accelerator is dedicated to providing programming that will help decrease the talent gap in Lane County in a variety of market segments.

A recent study conducted by the Oregon Talent Council noted that across the country, state and local government alongside industry and education, are taking a more active and focused role in continuous skills training. Different models are being used depending on what types of skills are needed and the Eugene Regional Accelerator looks to expand the region’s talent pool through its unique, educational offerings.

  • Providing low-cost training opportunitiesBy incorporating technology, working with local leaders and encouraging entrepreneurs and startups, the Eugene Regional Accelerator will provide new programming that allows participants to better compete in today’s job market.
  • Showcasing local subject-matter experts – Ongoing relationships with community leaders and local mentors provides an opportunity for the Eugene Regional Accelerator to provide individuals in Lane County, and beyond, with the ability to utilize live streaming technology from home. They can also participate in local networking events and learn from experts in a variety of fields including technology, food and beverage and biosciences.
  • Partnering to diversify – The Eugene Regional Accelerator is partnering with other local groups including Redefining Women in Tech, industry experts and businesses to expand its outreach while working to diversify the local, startup ecosystem.

Spencer Holton, founder, Trail Supply Co., said: “I am a fundamentally different person than I was before I started this. The first time I talked to Joe [Maruschak] he actually said to me ‘This is going to be an incredibly lonely process’, and that didn’t make sense to me. It’s not that all of a sudden I don’t have friends. It’s more along the lines that startup founders look and think about things in a different way. If you’ve never been through it, you don’t have a clear understanding of what it’s like.”

Joe Maruschak, chief startup officer of  the Eugene Regional Accelerator, said: “The talent gap in Oregon and elsewhere is a result of a mismatch of skilled workers and the needs of local industry. As the constant and ever-changing deployment of new technologies continues to grow, there is a need in our community to expand beyond traditional education and training models. We are dedicated to helping our local community expand its talent base through training and mentorship while encouraging innovation in a variety of market sectors.”

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