Lean Canvas with Nathan Lillegard

On Tuesday night Nathan Lillegard, director of the University of Oregon’s Center for Entrepreneurship, spoke to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners about the Business Model Canvas and the lean start-up movement. The goal was to increase awareness of how to create a lean business model, and to introduce the components of the Business Model Canvas to those interested in the start-up community.

The Business Model Canvas was created by Alex Osterwald as a way to help those creating businesses or those redefining their business to plan the most important aspects of delivering value to a customer in a very digestible manner. During the lecture, the audience was encouraged to ask questions and many got involved by telling relatable anecdotes as to the value they see in using the Business Model Canvas.

Download the one page business model to get started

Overall it was a delightful experience for both experienced entrepreneurs and those just interested in learning more about our budding start-up community here in Eugene.

-By Omar Ellis

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