Seconds from launch: preparing for life after the accelerator

As the RAIN Eugene Accelerator Program wraps up its final weeks, founders are envisioning the future of their company. After 12 weeks of mentoring and hands-on training, program participants are starting to feel ready to launch their ideas into the community. Clarke McAllister, founder and CEO of ADASA Inc., says the vision for his company has changed from its initial starting point to a place where he feels confident his company can launch.

“I learned more about myself in terms of my ability to interact and communicate with others,” says McAllister, “I feel connected to a community that is filled with a talent and a desire to create something of value. I didn’t know that community existed prior to my experience in the RAIN Eugene Accelerator.”

Seconds from Launch with ADASAMcAllister says that his vision for ADASA Inc. has been refined into a simpler concept that will help him focus the launch. Feeling as if his vision when coming into RAIN was a bit expansive, McAllister says that he was grateful for the people who came in and advised him.

“The structure of the company has changed. I came in with three things I wanted ADASA Inc. to do: encoding, licensing and scanning (drones). The focus now is on having the licensing program take off, simply because licensing is the most investable area. It will give us the means to pursue the other aspects of the company later.”

With the pitch event next week giving each company the opportunity to present their business model to a community of investors, mentors and friends, founders at the Accelerator Program find the clock ticking closer and closer to their last days at RAIN and the first days on their own as a company.

“I am very grateful. A lot of what we’ve been doing in RAIN has positioned us to communicate with and talk to investors, because of that preparation I can look at a potential business and use the tools for a fresh start–look at an opportunity and understand the steps and pieces to launch a successful company.”

McAllister plans to meet with potential investors, partners and potential employees in the weeks after ADASA leaves the RAIN Eugene Accelerator.

“Going into the program, I wanted to come out with a path to success and that has happened. This program has absolutely helped me achieve that goal.”

Want to learn more about ADASA Inc.? Contact Clarke McAllister ( for more information on his company.

-By Stephanie Imah