Share with us and help build the Eugene startup community

Together, we are building a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, investors and mentors. Part of that process involves beginning a conversation around the question: what can we do to make Eugene a unique place to launch a new company?

We are trying to answer that question by creating a central place where entrepreneurs can get the news and information they need to build the companies they envision. You can help build the network of organizations, companies and individuals that are working to make our goal a reality by sharing your news and activities through the RAIN Eugene newsletter, Startup Eugene.

Your content will always be your own, but we will help direct traffic back to your websites and other platforms to showcase the great work going on in our region. We’re looking for announcements about upcoming startup events, news about company launches or funding successes, recaps of recent events and short editorial pieces organized around our central question, how do we create a great city for startups?

Below you’ll find information about what we need from you, when we need it, and how you can share it with us. Adding something to our newsletter is always free. Don’t want to host your own content? We can help with that too.

Our newsletter is a place for us to start a conversation, but it won’t end there. It will continue at the informal startup meetups that happen every Tuesday night at the Barnlight in downtown Eugene, at meetings of the Eugene City Council, and in co-working spaces around the city.

Join us in creating a great place to work and experiment. Have a question, concern or idea on what we can do better? Send an email to

Startups Eugene Oregon

What are we looking for?

Start with the question, what do you want to read? Our goal is to provide a valuable resource of news and ideas to the Eugene-Springfield entrepreneurial community.

Generally, we’re looking for recaps about startup events in the community, stories about company launches or funding successes, announcements about upcoming events or workshops, and news about building a innovative and creative community in Eugene that supports startups. We are also beginning to layout an editorial calendar, so if you would like to submit a short piece organized around turning the Eugene-Springfield area into a successful hub for startups and creative enterprises, send an email to and we’ll try to plug you into our plans.

The caveat: In order to provide a valuable resource, we will maintain the right to make editorial choices about the stories we share with the community.

What we need

 One paragraph description (required)

This is the text we will run in the newsletter. It should engage the reader and provide an overview of the content, story or event that you are featuring.

 Link to your content (required)

Please provide a valid link to your website or content. You may indicate that the link will not be live until the day the newsletter is sent; however, it must be live by 9:00 a.m. of the day the newsletter is sent.

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Photos help illustrate your content and provide a larger “tap space” for readers on mobile devices. You are not required to provide a photo, but they are highly encouraged.

When we need it

The dates below outline our general schedule for the next five newsletters. Submission deadlines may be negotiated for late-breaking news. For example, a write-up about an event taking place the Tuesday evening before publication.

Submission Deadline Publication Date
Tuesday, September 23 at noon Wednesday, September 24 at noon
Tuesday, October 7 at noon Wednesday, October 8 at noon
Tuesday, October 21 at noon Wednesday, October 22 at noon
Tuesday, November 4 at noon Wednesday, November 5 at noon
Tuesday, November 19 at noon Wednesday, November 19 at noon

How to share with us

You can share your stories with us by sending them to Andrew Stiefel at or to Carrie Russo at You can also drop your information into the form below and the magic of the internet will take care of the rest.

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