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We unite entrepreneurs, established businesses and successful investors to create a supportive community of mentors and innovators. This dynamic community of creators and thinkers makes the Eugene-Springfield area an exciting place to launch a new venture.

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The best way to get started with RAIN Eugene is to get involved with our community of entrepreneurs. Come out to one of the Eugene Smartups coffee events or stop by one of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce’s pub evenings to meet fellow entrepreneurs and business owners. If game development is more your speed, checkout one of the meet-ups hosted by the Eugene Game Developers community.


RAIN Eugene is a network of entrepreneurs working together to develop an exciting place to launch new companies. We provide:

  • A community newsletter where you can learn about startup events, opportunities and news in the Eugene-Springfield area;
  • An accelerator to launch new companies;
  • A knowledgeable and informed network of fellow entrepreneurs who can help you navigate the startup process;
  • A community calendar where you can post events and find new startup opportunities.
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