Built Stronger Than Steel

Zander Eckblad and Jonathan Hunt are the founders of Black Lodge Design Lab, a Eugene-based company that is developing a relatively inexpensive structural bio plastic that they say is stronger than steel and made from sustainable material. Engineered from cellulosic waste, the two founders believe the plastic can improve quality of life by minimizing use of natural resources and maximizing use of existing waste streams.

For Eckblad and Hunt the current problem is identifying the industry where their sustainable bio plastic will have the most impact on improving quality of life.

“Right now we’re looking at the transportation industry. Because our plastic is lightweight we have the ability to reduce fuel costs while still providing durability similar to steel construction,” says Hunt.

The founders, both twenty-two years old, met during their freshman year at the University of Oregon. Hunt left Oregon to pursue an engineering education at the University of Texas, later he returned to Oregon to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. Eckblad holds a degree in product design from the University of Oregon. Contact Jonathan Hunt (jonathan@blkldg.com) or Zander Eckblad (zander@blkldg.com) for more information about their venture.

-Profile by Carrie Russo, @carrieineugene