Thank You Mentors!

The Eugene Regional Accelerator would like to thank all of our mentors,

We appreciate all that you are doing.

There have been a few questions about why we listen to and try to help guide EVERYONE who walks through our door. Our experience over the last few years tells us that being exclusively focused on scalable traded sector companies very early in our client funnel excludes many in our community that are interested in entrepreneurship. The Eugene Regional Accelerator’s values of hospitality, diversity, and inclusivity dictate that we foster and help any entrepreneur with a potential business or product idea.  Our goal is to raise the level of community entrepreneurship for these very early stage companies to have a welcoming and hospitable place to gain the information, skills, and connections to be successful.  This is also why we take any meeting with all potential entrepreneurs and have Open Mentor Hours, ID8, and of course our Accelerator program and a host of other topical programming.

The Eugene Regional Accelerator’s principle mission of serving scalable traded sector startups is still intact.  However; our local startup ecosystem is still very young and undeveloped, that is why we are filling the need of fostering early-stage companies that may at some point become businesses that fit the principle mission of the Eugene Regional Accelerator. This concept is strategically important for the Eugene/Springfield entrepreneurial startup ecosystem to grow. Once businesses or entrepreneurs are activated we will connect them with the appropriate resources they need(SBDC, SCORE, the sector strategists, Workforce Partnership, City of Eugene Loan Programs, Community Lending Works and other organizations as needed).

They will always be part of our community and we will always support them but if they do not fit our mission we will direct them to more appropriate sources of help which we could not and cannot do without the help of our mentors.

So once again, thanks to all of you for being a part of our very special group of advocates without whom we could not do what we do.

Shane Johnson